Chicago – So we’ve completed three-quarters of our 40-hour journey home, which began Friday night at Ngura Rai airport in Denpasar at about 8pm. (We arrived very early for our 11:55pm flight because our checkout time was at 5pm.) We made it to Tokyo, losing an hour, at around 8am, where we hung out until 3:40pm, catching our 11 hour flight to Chicago, which got in four hours before we departed, at around 11:45am Saturday. Confused? We board our two-hour flight home (which will cause us to lose another hour) at 6, and should clear customs just as the Habs, naturally, put the finishing touches on the Thrashers.

Anyhow. Bali was amazing – everybody says it’s paradise and they’re all right. Our resort, on the quiet Jimbaran beach, was stunning – so much that we couldn’t really believe it when we checked in. We must have been in the wrong place. After a day of hanging out by the pool and in the ocean with G&M, we spent our second full Bali day touring parts of the island. We had lunch by a giant rice patty, saw a Hindu and Buddhist temple and shopped the markets at Ubud.

We passed the remainder of our time in super relaxation mode, spending some quality time at a local spa and generally finding excuses to take a dip in the pool. Barbeque dinner on the beach was the most valuable meal I’ve ever eaten: lobster, prawns, squid, grouper, snapper, two large beers and four sodas for $37.50. Total. For four of us. Insane.

No photos today – though we’ll get some to you folks sooner or later, once we make it home, unpack and sift through the thousands we’ve taken (and once G sends us his thousands too).

Off to get some deep dish pizza…