Well, Kyoto was a blas, though we didn’t really have much in the way of Internet access. Our last couple of days in Tokyo have been great, thanks in large part to our gracious tour guide, David, who saw to it that we saw the right sites at the right times – and ate the right meals. Tomorrow we’re off to Bali for four sunny days. An early check-out time plus a late flight should make for some blogging time at Narita airport, providing the wifi works and we find the energy after schlepping our even fuller luggage. We’ve got lots to say about bullet trains, conveyor belt sushi, excitable Japanese waiters, a bag made out of a truck, geishas that aren’t really geishas, gothy showoffs, nearly breaking curfew and horsemeat sashimi.

In the meantime the sun setting directly behind Mt. Fuji, as seen from the top of Tokyo City Hall:

Mt. Fuji sunset